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You can purchase prints of many different sizes as well as other items such as mouse pads and postcards of many of the images featured in this web site, directly from our partner site rainpalm.smugmug.com

Prints are prepared by a professional print lab based in the USA and can be shipped at moderate cost almost anywhere in the world.

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Important Note on Copyright

Why Smugmug

Hints on Ordering Prints

Choosing The Print Size and Aspect Ratio

Important Note on Copyright

When you purchase a print you buy the right to use and display the paper print or object. Copyright remains with the Photographer. You are not permitted to copy, scan or otherwise manipulate or store the image for any purpose.

Why Smugmug

While we can also prepare our own prints by hand on inkjet printers, there are many advantages to using a professional subcontractor for printing.

1. Variety of formats and papers - with this method you can order prints from a selection of sizes from very small to poster size.Paper options include matte, gloss and lustre. Not to mention additional options such as postcards, mouse pads and even mugs and Tee-Shirts.

2. High quality output - Smugmug uses various printing equipment depending on size, such as Fuji Frontier, Polielectronica LaserLab and Durst Lambda professional equipment on long lasting Fuji Crystal Archive paper. The production process is colour managed which means the prints have the same colour as appears on our callibrated computer monitors (unlike the results you would get at your local photo shop!)

3. Fast turnaround - your order will usually be shipped by the next day.

4. Moderate cost - because the process is largely automated, we need invest a much smaller amount of time in print preparation so our margin on prints can be smaller.

5. Flexible payment and shipping options. You can pay be credit card online and select various options for shipping.

Hints on Ordering Prints

In the Smugmug ordering space you will see galleries and thumbnails very similar to those in the rainpalm.com Galleries. If you click on a thumbnail you will see a larger image. At the bottom of that image viewing page you will see some links and icons:

Screen Shot 1

Click "add to cart" to add this image to your shopping cart. You don't need to select the print size or medium at this stage. That comes later when you check out.

Once you are finished selecting images, you can click on the "view cart" icon in the image viewing page or on the "view cart" link at the top of any page. Then you will get to the area where you can select print size, type and quantity:

Screen Shot 2

Generally you will find the sizes you want in the "standard" sizes and occasionally the "specialty print" sizes. You should select color: "True" and as a general rule crop: "no-crop" (see comments below on print size and aspect ratio). When you have selected the size etc click "next>>"

You will then be asked to fill in your shipping and billing information, which is very similar to any web order entry process.

Choosing The Print Size and Aspect Ratio

As you can see, there are many options you can choose for print sizes, ranging from small to poster-size. You will also see that the "shape" of the images in the gallery varies depending on the subject matter and the composition. Some images are more square than others. As a general rule the images will be in a 10:10, 8:10 or 8:12 ratio, although there are some exceptions. You will probably want to chose a print size that is as close as possible to the aspect ratio of the image. You will see the fit as you select different sizes in the menu. If the fit is not exact, you can select either to crop a little of the image, or to add a little white space ("no-crop" option). As a general rule you will want "no-crop".

If you have any question please contact us.

This notice last updated on 6 December 2005.